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TDC is a South African based company that specialises in Learning and Development Projects serving its customers both locally and internationally. TDC have been involved with various L&D projects over the last 23 years in countries such as Peru, Madagascar, Singapore, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Mali, Gambia, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea, Egypt and the Congo.

TDC focuses on customers’ specific needs and designs a training intervention accordingly. Facilitation is done by recognised subject matter experts who deliver practical information that allows positive implementation and impact in the workplace.


The following development programmes are available:

Supervisory and Management Development Programs
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Assurance
Education, Training and Development Practitioner
Security and Law Enforcement Qualifications

Our Global Reach

Peru, Suriname, Egypt, Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Congo, Malawi, Zambia, Singapore, Morocco.


Courseware or training material is designed towards the company’s specific requirement and includes the following as part of the package:

Learner / Student Guide

Facilitator / Instructor Guide

Evaluation Guide – Practical & Theoretical Testing

PowerPoint Presentations

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